LMT Onsrud New Product Release Catalog 2023

Mary CoppolaFeb 21, '23

LMT Onsrud newest offering allowing for Slotting up to 8xD diameter with their 65-100 Series.  See Catalogs tab for new release.For Materials: ABS, Polycaronate, Polyethelene, PVC, PP, HDPE, LDPE, UHMW, Polystyrene

Common Problems In Plastic Routing

Nabeel MuhammedFeb 21, '23

The diversity of plastic material in the industry today makes it almost impossible to avoid some kind of machining problems. Plastics varies greatly through the manufacturing process, and these differences, combined with a multitude of application can serve as a precursor for problems. The focus of this blog will be...

LMT Onsrud - Marathon Compression tools for wood

Mary CoppolaFeb 15, '23

Three types of LMT Onsrud Marathon Compression Spiral Series for Wood 57-200MD Series     -       60-100PLR Series   -     60-100MC Series Single Flute 2 Flute 3 Flute


Mary CoppolaJul 9, '20

Calculating Feed Rate   Proper operation of your CNC router not only increases your productivity but it also extends the life of your machine and consumables. One way to ensure that you’re operating your CNC router with the best possible yield is to calculate your optimal feed rate. When we...