Safety Speed

Safety Speed is the industry leader in manufacturing high quality panel processing machinery. We offer a full line of Vertical Panel Saws, Panel Routers, Wide Belt Sanders, Edgebanders, Screw Pocket Machines, and Sign Making Equipment. 

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Safety Speed SSC 165A Substrate Cutter


SKU: SAFSSC165A Safety Speed

Cut the essential sign making materials including and not limited to PVC, foam board, MDF, acrylic, magnetic sheet, and corrugated plastic

These units are designed to cut cleanly and accurately without dust and noise. The interchangeable tool cartridges that can be changed in under 10 seconds means that you only buy the tools you need. The cartridge system allows new tools to be developed for new materials giving the SSC 165A virtually unlimited scalability.

Standard Equipment:
Ideal Cutting Solutions for processing:

  • Single blade cartridge cutting up to (20mm/.75in)
  • Three blade utility cartridge cutting up to 13mm/.5in
  • ACM Cutting Wheel cartridge
  • Acrylic scoring cartridge
  • Wall Mounting Kit
  • Clamping System
  • Two Production Stops
  • Integrated Laser Sight Line
  • Integral Counter Weight
  • Two Upper Frame Quickstops
      • Corrugated Plastic (.75”/20mm)
      • PVC (.5”, 13mm)
      • Foam board (.75”, 20mm)
      • Aluminum Composite Panel (.16”, 4mm)
      • MDF (.12”,3mm)
      • Acrylic (.25”, 6mm)
      • Honeycomb board (.75”, 20mm)
      • Magnetic sheets (.16”, 4mm)












       Max. Cross Cut
      65" / 1651mm
      Dimensions (Shop)
      84"L x 85"H X 23"D
      V-Grooving Cartridge
      Free Standing Kit
      Acrylic, Aluminum Composite Panel, Corrugated Plastic, Foamed Board Soft, MDF Panels, PVC