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Solid Carbide end mill, 5 flute, 0.030 corner rad, standard length, X coated


SKU: 60-113MC LMT Onsrud

Specific Solutions for Titanium:

LMT Onsrud's newest addition to the end mill portfolio is the TRX family. The TRX end mill range has been developed from the group up for titanium. All features from substrate to geometry and coating were evaluated and fine tuned. 

Optimum Cutting Performance:

  • Unequal flute spacing and modified helix angles provide ideal harmonic dampening for smooth cutting characteristics.
  • Highly controlled micro geometry with a special edge preparation ensures consistent performance 
  • A new nancomposite "X" formulated with excellent wear resistant qualities for titanium.  

Application - 5 Flute:

  • Roughing
  • Heavy profiling - 20% radial engagement
  • HEM profiling - 7% radial engagement
  • Application in ISO-S titanium alloys